Tumblr Movie Reviews

For one year, starting July 6th or 2015, I reviewed each movie that I watched for my first time, and now I’ve moved that review series over to my Wordpress site.

Inside Out Review

(CONTAINS SPOILERS) PureFlix is – and I expect always shall be – my archenemy, but Pixar sure does come close. Pixar seems to exist only to irk me specifically more than anyone else on the planet, and it has a few tricks for doing this that serve as “the Pixar old standbys.” To me, a … Continue reading Inside Out Review

A Night at the Roxbury Review

I thought it would be interesting to follow up my review of Blues Brothers with a review of another SNL spin-off, so I chose Roxbury since I enjoy the old “What Is Love” sketch. I went into the film expecting a weak, virtually plotless story about detestable characters, and perhaps it was my low expectations … Continue reading A Night at the Roxbury Review

The Blues Brothers Review

I must confess that I’m a little disappointed in this one. Having heard such great things about it for so long, I was hoping for a very exciting comedy, but instead got a strangely-paced artsy musical.  I enjoy musicals a lot, so I had a good time during the musical sequences, but the rest of … Continue reading The Blues Brothers Review

This Is Spinal Tap Review

I don’t review documentaries.  I just wouldn’t know how.  Generally speaking, the world of film production can be split into two career paths: documentary and narrative.  The difference is actually pretty big since it is the role of the narrative filmmaker to tell a cohesive narrative story with a plot, whereas the documentary filmmaker has … Continue reading This Is Spinal Tap Review

Tomorrowland Review

When approximately 22 minutes had passed, the critics checked out. The first trailer for the film, which screamed with unwarranted mediocrity, instantly brewed a batch of immense apathy in the moviegoers’ heads.  The marketing was dreadful, so the critics were eagerly awaiting the chance to convict the movie of being dreadful as well.  They got … Continue reading Tomorrowland Review

(Monty Python’s) Life of Brian Review

This film is not sacrilegious.  This film is not about Jesus.  It is about the importance of rationally thinking for oneself rather than just accepting what others say is true.  It mocks group think, pokes fun at activists, and challenges people to be critical thinkers, making it very much the skeptic’s film.  In fact, Pythoner … Continue reading (Monty Python’s) Life of Brian Review

Mad Max: Fury Road Review

Okay, let’s do something weird.  Let’s compare Mad Max: Fury Road to Avengers: Age of Ultron.  I think this is an interesting comparison since they’re both sequels in big action movie franchises that happen to be out in theaters at the same time right now. They both have large fan bases since their characters have … Continue reading Mad Max: Fury Road Review