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Silver Streak Review

This is an odd film. It marks the first pairing of Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor, although Pryor is absent for about the first two thirds of the movie.  Its plot is very strange, starting on a moving train, then moving to a rural setting, and then somehow moving back to the train, then back … Continue reading Silver Streak Review

It Happened One Night Review

It’s an interesting sign of how times have changed to see that this was the “Best Picture” winner at the Oscars back in the mid-1930s.  This film would probably be dismissed today as a fairly average romantic comedy, but it actually was sort of novel at the time.  The notion of the “re-marriage comedy” as … Continue reading It Happened One Night Review

A Night at the Roxbury Review

I thought it would be interesting to follow up my review of Blues Brothers with a review of another SNL spin-off, so I chose Roxbury since I enjoy the old “What Is Love” sketch. I went into the film expecting a weak, virtually plotless story about detestable characters, and perhaps it was my low expectations … Continue reading A Night at the Roxbury Review

The Blues Brothers Review

I must confess that I’m a little disappointed in this one. Having heard such great things about it for so long, I was hoping for a very exciting comedy, but instead got a strangely-paced artsy musical.  I enjoy musicals a lot, so I had a good time during the musical sequences, but the rest of … Continue reading The Blues Brothers Review

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles Review

Boy, is this a tricky one to review.  I saw this movie for my first time this past Thanksgiving night on Netflix, and I had no idea it was a Thanksgiving movie until I started watching!  I love coincidences like that, but in movies, coincidences have to be handled very carefully (segue, segue, segue).  Planes, … Continue reading Planes, Trains, and Automobiles Review