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War of the Worlds (1953)

I usually have a pretty good idea of how I’m going to feel about a movie before I watch it – I’m just that kind of person.  Even when the trailers for a movie don’t do it justice – consider Baby Driver – I’m often able to see through the marketing and get a sense … Continue reading War of the Worlds (1953)

The Last Unicorn Review

I think part of the reason why I watched this movie is that I was really in the mood to take a break from the Disney live-action remakes and return to an original fairy-tale movie.  I’m not sure that The Last Unicorn was a good choice though seeing as how it contains so many good and bad … Continue reading The Last Unicorn Review

It’s a Wonderful Life Review

This movie is not supposed to be a classic – it happened by accident.  It was a flop at the box office (far more so than The Wizard of Oz) and only got played on TV because the studio let its copyright on the film lapse in the 1970s.  Because so many people watched it as … Continue reading It’s a Wonderful Life Review

The Asphalt Jungle Review

(SPOILER ALERT) It’s surprising to me just how much better this film is on my second viewing – how much easier it is to follow and enjoy watching it after having already seen it before.  That’s not to say I really liked it the second time I watched it – in fact I never finished watching … Continue reading The Asphalt Jungle Review

Burn After Reading Review

It’s always a little bit embarrassing for me to say that I don’t “get” a certain kind of humor.  In general, the inability to understand a joke that others find humorous is often a sign of a lack of understanding of the world as a whole – a sign of immaturity.  It usually shows that … Continue reading Burn After Reading Review

Mad Max Review

What . . . the what?  I’m very confused about what on earth this movie is supposed to be.  The entire selling point of Mad Max – and the story synopsis on the back of the DVD case – is Max’s revenge plot.  But this plot is just the third act.  The entirety of acts one … Continue reading Mad Max Review

The Jungle Book (2016) Review

This is it – I’m stumped.  I can understand how ambiguity and open ends are used in films to trick critics into thinking they’re deep.  I can understand how commentary on important social issues like racism or sexism are used in films to trick critics into thinking their message justifies their storytelling.  I can understand how … Continue reading The Jungle Book (2016) Review