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Psycho Review

SPOILER WARNING I think I’m being very kind with my rating – perhaps overly kind.  While I’m not sure I would say that I had high expectations for Psycho, I will say that I was hopeful.  I have often been curious about how this film would work ever since I heard that it killed off … Continue reading Psycho Review

The Apartment Review

It’s amazing to me just how different someone’s conception of a film can be from what it actually turns out to be, especially because of marketing.  Consider the above image.  Fortunately, I don’t think I saw this front cover image before seeing the film, but if I had, I certainly would’ve gotten the wrong idea entirely. … Continue reading The Apartment Review

The Graduate Review: Upon Further Consideration…

NOTE: This is an amendment to a previous review of the same film. I’m a little bit surprised to say that this film is better on its second viewing, but not too surprised.  I think sometimes it helps to “get used to” a film’s essence, or a film’s ending, in order to appreciate the film’s greatness. … Continue reading The Graduate Review: Upon Further Consideration…

The Birds Review

With High Anxiety being my favorite Mel Brooks film, one would expect that I would be well-versed in the works of Alfred Hitchcock.  Quite contrarily, after watching Strangers on a Train for a film history class I took a few years ago, I was turned off by Hitchcock.  I felt like whenever he was trying to have … Continue reading The Birds Review

The Outrage Review

In my last review, I was bothered by how the 2016 Jungle Book film had little to add to the original Disney classic, and how it did not hold up as well in comparison.  Fortunately, not every remake is a bad one, and I’d like to briefly use a film I saw recently called The Outrage as … Continue reading The Outrage Review

The Party Review

There are times when a normal review is insufficient or inappropriate for a unique movie, and I think this is one of those times.  So, to boil it down to the key focal points, this review will focus on what I consider to be the movie’s two major pros and two major cons. Pro #1: … Continue reading The Party Review

It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World Review

Given my immense appreciation for comedy, I cannot help but appreciate an ode to comedy.  Comedy can be such a powerful force for good, making the burdens of life more bearable, and bringing important issues to light in a way that people can easily handle.  The beauty of comedy is that, even at its filthiest, … Continue reading It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World Review