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The Dark Knight Review

I hate giving this film a positive review.  I really do hate to do it.  This film is just so gray and so obsessed with realism, whereas I like my Batman with color and camp.  This film more or less sums up everything I don’t like about DC’s current films – it’s all the top ways to … Continue reading The Dark Knight Review

Mulholland Drive Review

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what effect the “Books Are Always Better” movement has had on cinema.  Just to be clear, I am referring to the notion that the novel is a superior medium, both intellectually and in terms of affect, to the medium of film.  While I intend to write more on … Continue reading Mulholland Drive Review

Burn After Reading Review

It’s always a little bit embarrassing for me to say that I don’t “get” a certain kind of humor.  In general, the inability to understand a joke that others find humorous is often a sign of a lack of understanding of the world as a whole – a sign of immaturity.  It usually shows that … Continue reading Burn After Reading Review

Batman Begins Review: Upon Further Consideration…

Most of the time when I review a movie on this website, I’m doing it because I hadn’t seen the film before.  “Upon Further Consideration…” is the series I use once in a blue moon when I feel like sharing my thoughts on a film I haven’t seen in a long while. Since I talk … Continue reading Batman Begins Review: Upon Further Consideration…

Pan’s Labyrinth Review

WARNING: THIS REVIEW CONTAINS (mildly) GRAPHIC IMAGES Oh, and also, spoilers. As of the moment I’m typing this, I’m not sure I’ll be able to publish this review.  I have had so many complex thoughts and feelings about this film since I watched it in early May that I don’t know how to boil my thoughts … Continue reading Pan’s Labyrinth Review

Persepolis Review

It’s hard to find a film that could make me feel more ignorant than a French-Iranian film that’s based on a comic I’ve never read and set in a context that’s both before my time and on the other side of the planet.  However, what makes me appreciate this film so much is that I … Continue reading Persepolis Review

Phantom of the Opera (2004) Review

Since my last review was of a movie from 2004, it’s only natural that I would follow it with another film from 2004 that has absolutely nothing in common with it whatsoever.  How’s that for a segue?  Terrible, I know, but I have no other explanation for how I ended up watching (and reviewing) such … Continue reading Phantom of the Opera (2004) Review