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Wizards Review

This movie is extremely different from what I was expecting, which is odd since my expectations were neither rigid nor conventional, so I should have been a tough audience to surprise.  Ralph Bakshi, however, is full of surprises, and his creativity knows no bounds.  Unfortunately, creativity sometimes needs some constraints in order to be understandable … Continue reading Wizards Review

Carrie (1976) Review

MINOR SPOILER WARNING This is one review that I didn’t think I’d ever be writing.  Some readers may recall the first time I reviewed a Carrie adaptation – when I saw the 2013 Carrie movie – at which point I decided that the original Brian de Palma film was not for me. I was in a place in … Continue reading Carrie (1976) Review

Rocky Horror Picture Show Review

This movie is often compared to Phantom of the Paradise, with fans of each film arguing about which is better.  While I would certainly put myself on “Team Phantom” in this debate, I’m not sure that this is a fair comparison seeing as how they are so incredibly different.  Phantom is careful and thoughtful, setting up a … Continue reading Rocky Horror Picture Show Review

Silver Streak Review

This is an odd film. It marks the first pairing of Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor, although Pryor is absent for about the first two thirds of the movie.  Its plot is very strange, starting on a moving train, then moving to a rural setting, and then somehow moving back to the train, then back … Continue reading Silver Streak Review

Network Review

The first part of this film I ever saw was the famous scene with everyone shouting from their windows.  It was in a film history course I took a few years ago, and ever since I saw the clip, I’d been really wanting to see the whole film.  That scene really moved me when I … Continue reading Network Review

Watermelon Man Review

There are three things that interest me about this film. First, I don’t know how to categorize it.  Is it a blaxploitation film?  A dramedy?  Maybe just a comedy?  An art film?  Fantasy?  It certainly seems to be a cult film, and an unconventional comedy of some sort, but comedy’s usually aren’t as enthused with … Continue reading Watermelon Man Review

Suspiria Review

As I’ve continued my new journey through old horror movies, I’ve decided to return to the director of Phenomena/Creepers to see what is probably his most famous and acclaimed work, Suspiria.  Another of Dario Argento’s semi-Italian films with weird dubbing, this film caught my attention because I read a description of it somewhere that called it “candy-colored,” … Continue reading Suspiria Review