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The Matrix Review

I was brought here by The Question.  It’s the question that’s been playing in my head on a loop ever since I first started studying film.  It’s the question I, as a movie buff, have been asked more than any other: “What do you think of The Matrix?”. Really.  This actually happens. Whenever someone hears … Continue reading The Matrix Review

Escape from New York Review

I’ve heard it said that nearly every movie about a future urban dystopia steals its style from Blade Runner.  While I can certainly see the resemblance between the aesthetic of Blade Runner and that of many later films about the future, it’s worth noting that many ’80s movies were portraying cities with the same darkness, theatricality, vivid … Continue reading Escape from New York Review

Wizards Review

This movie is extremely different from what I was expecting, which is odd since my expectations were neither rigid nor conventional, so I should have been a tough audience to surprise.  Ralph Bakshi, however, is full of surprises, and his creativity knows no bounds.  Unfortunately, creativity sometimes needs some constraints in order to be understandable … Continue reading Wizards Review

Metropolis Review: Upon Further Consideration…

NOTE: This is an amendment to an earlier review of the same film. When I first watched this movie, it was the Giorgio Moroder version (a soundtrack comprised of ’80s pop that only sometimes fit the scene well).  This is because I had little tolerance for silent cinema at the time, and while I still … Continue reading Metropolis Review: Upon Further Consideration…

Dark City Review

READ THIS REVIEW BEFORE SEEING THE FILM For what it’s worth, I really tried to watch this movie the right way.  I had been warned that the film has an opening voiceover (added by the studio due to concerns that humans are stupid) which gives away many of the biggest surprises, reveals, and twists.  So, … Continue reading Dark City Review

Terminator Review

MINOR SPOILER ALERT Oh, how I love the ’80s.  The ’80s developed the styles of particular cult ’70s musicals into a New Expressionism – one that emphasized deep, vivid colors and bright lights flashing through dark, gray cities.  This mix of warm grays, cold blues, and hot reds spread across theatrical sets was complimented by … Continue reading Terminator Review

Blade Runner Review

I must say, I did not like this film as much as I hoped I would – as much as I expected I would.  That being said, since my expectations were based only on what I knew of its exemplary visual style and eerie aura, they were “sky-high” to say the least.  What I soon … Continue reading Blade Runner Review