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Dark City Review

READ THIS REVIEW BEFORE SEEING THE FILM For what it’s worth, I really tried to watch this movie the right way.  I had been warned that the film has an opening voiceover (added by the studio due to concerns that humans are stupid) which gives away many of the biggest surprises, reveals, and twists.  So, … Continue reading Dark City Review

You’ve Got Mail Review

I’d like to take a moment to focus on a film called The Shop Around the Corner.  This is a classic Ernst Lubitsch comedy that I highly recommend.  It’s very funny and clever, and it established certain stylistic elements of the romantic comedy that have continued to this day.  In short, two employees of a … Continue reading You’ve Got Mail Review

Antz Review

Why the heck do we keep making movies about creatures as unlikable as ants?  Currently, my house has been suffering from an extremely severe ant infestation takeover, and it makes me hate, hate, hate them.  With that in mind, I’m naturally not inclined to get invested in a movie about an ant inventor who mistake … Continue reading Antz Review

A Night at the Roxbury Review

I thought it would be interesting to follow up my review of Blues Brothers with a review of another SNL spin-off, so I chose Roxbury since I enjoy the old “What Is Love” sketch. I went into the film expecting a weak, virtually plotless story about detestable characters, and perhaps it was my low expectations … Continue reading A Night at the Roxbury Review

Ever After Review

Do you know how often I give a movie four and a half stars?  I’ve done over 50 movie reviews and I only gave such a rating to two of them … but today you can make that three.  To be honest, I probably should have given this rating to a couple other really good … Continue reading Ever After Review