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The Matrix Review

I was brought here by The Question.  It’s the question that’s been playing in my head on a loop ever since I first started studying film.  It’s the question I, as a movie buff, have been asked more than any other: “What do you think of The Matrix?”. Really.  This actually happens. Whenever someone hears … Continue reading The Matrix Review

The Iron Giant Review

The Iron Giant is, in some respects, a concerning and disappointing film.  Whenever a movie has the capacity to encourage children to think more like scientists, but instead chooses to reinforce the old notion that believing in wild alien stories and conspiracy theories is good, this is disheartening.  However, because it is typical of Hollywood … Continue reading The Iron Giant Review

The Straight Story Review

Coincidences come up an awful lot in my experiences viewing movies, and one such experience happened not too long ago when I was watching a YouTube video by Doug Walker, “Can an Ending Ruin a Film?”  I started watching the video sometime before my class on “art film” on Wednesday, but for whatever reason didn’t … Continue reading The Straight Story Review

Bowfinger Review

Frank is the best Frank that’s ever happened to me. There are a few master craftsmen in the world of film direction that are rarely recognized as such, making for cranky rants from snobby movie buffs like me.  Generally, if a filmmaker is good at getting good reviews, and has done some memorable work, people … Continue reading Bowfinger Review