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Aladdin Review: Upon Further Consideration…

It’s time once again for another UFC, in which I return to a movie I haven’t seen in years and find out just how much (or how little) my thoughts on it have changed over time. It’s very difficult for me to be critical of a movie that I grew up watching regularly – I … Continue reading Aladdin Review: Upon Further Consideration…

What About Bob? Review

I generally try to be a really tough critic.  I never give five stars, and I only give four and a half stars to the movies that grab me in the most intense and personal ways possible or impress me such that I would not object to considering them the greatest films of all time. … Continue reading What About Bob? Review

Dick Tracy Review

In my experience, if a story and its characters are good enough, I can forgive many aspects of a film that seem lacking.  I can forgive the forgettable music scores and relentlessly bland visuals of most contemporary films so long as I’m invested in what the characters are trying to do.  For this reason, I’ve … Continue reading Dick Tracy Review

Dark City Review

READ THIS REVIEW BEFORE SEEING THE FILM For what it’s worth, I really tried to watch this movie the right way.  I had been warned that the film has an opening voiceover (added by the studio due to concerns that humans are stupid) which gives away many of the biggest surprises, reveals, and twists.  So, … Continue reading Dark City Review

The Straight Story Review

Coincidences come up an awful lot in my experiences viewing movies, and one such experience happened not too long ago when I was watching a YouTube video by Doug Walker, “Can an Ending Ruin a Film?”  I started watching the video sometime before my class on “art film” on Wednesday, but for whatever reason didn’t … Continue reading The Straight Story Review

You’ve Got Mail Review

I’d like to take a moment to focus on a film called The Shop Around the Corner.  This is a classic Ernst Lubitsch comedy that I highly recommend.  It’s very funny and clever, and it established certain stylistic elements of the romantic comedy that have continued to this day.  In short, two employees of a … Continue reading You’ve Got Mail Review

Contact Review

Please, please read this review. I don’t think the star rating is an accurate picture of what I think of this movie.  It is an absolutely brilliant drama, clearly showing off the storytelling skills of Carl Sagan, Robert Zemeckis, and Alan Silvestri at their finest.  At the same time, I don’t think this review is … Continue reading Contact Review