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Taxi Driver Review

I’d like to talk about a French movie called La Haine.  Easily one of the most historically significant French films of the last 25 years, La Haine (or Hate) tells the story of young men of different ethnic backgrounds living in one of the poorest parts of France who are the victims of police brutality.  While the American … Continue reading Taxi Driver Review

Dark City Review

READ THIS REVIEW BEFORE SEEING THE FILM For what it’s worth, I really tried to watch this movie the right way.  I had been warned that the film has an opening voiceover (added by the studio due to concerns that humans are stupid) which gives away many of the biggest surprises, reveals, and twists.  So, … Continue reading Dark City Review

Blue Velvet Review

It’s a little bit surprising to me that this was so popular.  It’s one of the strangest films I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen freaking Daisies.  What’s strange is that it doesn’t go all the way into the unfathomable and surreal – this is not Un Chien Andalou.  Parts of it feel like a slightly warped version … Continue reading Blue Velvet Review

Shutter Island Review

MINOR SPOILER ALERT I went into this movie with no idea what it was about – I had never heard of it, and I was only watching because my flatmates put it on our big TV.  As I watched it, I was surprised to see the big stars it featured, but I was more surprised by … Continue reading Shutter Island Review