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Schindler’s List Review

Seeing as how I’m obviously in no position to write a review of this film, I’ll just comment on one aspect of the film that I believe ought to set an example for other filmmakers.  This movie is one of the few exceptions to the general rule that Spielberg specializes in a sentiment that J. … Continue reading Schindler’s List Review

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape Review

Some of my readers – if I may presume I have readers – may be aware that I have three younger brothers.  The oldest of the three is Brian, who has down-syndrome, which has made my family’s dynamic an interesting one.  As of the time I’m writing this, he’s eighteen years old, and he adds … Continue reading What’s Eating Gilbert Grape Review

Sleepless in Seattle Review

I find this movie to be simply pleasant.  There isn’t much about it that is spectacular, but nothing about it is necessarily bad.  It has a very nice soundtrack, and not a bad plot, but both of these are shamelessly borrowed from other movies.  Still, it makes it sentimental in a way that I think … Continue reading Sleepless in Seattle Review

Matinee Review

In Universal’s 1993 film Matinee, I was not surprised that John Goodman seemed perfect for the part of Lawrence Woolsey, a filmmaker known for making cheesy/horrifying monster movies.  However, I was surprised to see that much of this movie was focused on a bunch of kids, and even more surprising was that the child actors playing … Continue reading Matinee Review