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Batman Returns Review

MINOR SPOILERS A few years ago, I was browsing through channels to find something to watch while doing laundry when I put on a marathon of Batman movies on some cable channel, just so I could educate myself about the hero.  It included Batman Returns, Batman Forever, Batman Begins, and possibly one or two more, … Continue reading Batman Returns Review

Edward Scissorhands Review

Ah, now this is a movie for Halloween season.  It’s a classic tale of a man-made monster, and like most good monster stories, it shows us that the real monsters are always people.  Naturally, I was very excited about seeing this movie, and I had high hopes because it’s a Tim Burton film.  Burton was, … Continue reading Edward Scissorhands Review

Ed Wood Review

(MINOR SPOILERS) There are a couple of downsides to doing movies about real people and events.  The first is that it can often limit one visually; the filmmaker almost always must portray a world that is believable to the audience, which typically means no animation, no theatrical lighting/color, no surreal sets or props, etc.  Secondly, … Continue reading Ed Wood Review

Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure Review

Boy, was I ever excited to see this movie.  It’s a cartoony ‘80s comedy directed by Tim Burton!  And did you see its trailer?  It’s bound to be great! It stunk.  The movie dragged on forever with characters I did not care about and a plot that seemed pointless in the worst possible way.  I … Continue reading Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure Review