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JD’s Favorite Movies – May, 2016

Last year, on Geek Pride Day of 2015, I posted a list of my favorite movies.  Then, this past Thanksgiving, I posted an updated list.  Why?  Because my list is always changing, with films moving up and down drastically all the time.  Since my feelings about certain movies have evolved so much, and since I … Continue reading JD’s Favorite Movies – May, 2016

Insurgent Review

SPOILER ALERT With a bad Italian accent a la The Amanda Show, say it with me: “This is better – much better!” As we all should know because I’m super important, I have my issues with Divergent.  This world and its people are entirely nonsensical, and I had such a hard time taking it all halfway seriously.  Fortunately, … Continue reading Insurgent Review

The Witches Review

Freaking Roald Dahl. This article could be focused on any of a few potential rants about this writer.  It is no secret that children’s authors always seem to end up being very . . . difficult people (for lack of a better term), and in a way, Dahl was to Henson what Travers was to Disney. … Continue reading The Witches Review

150 Movies in a Year

I’m curious about something: I wonder what the ratio of the number of movies someone watches to the number of ideas for movies that person has would be on average (per year).  For me, that ratio is about 1:3 – I’ve watched about 52 movies within the past year, not including movies I re-watched, and … Continue reading 150 Movies in a Year

Hotel Transylvania 2 Review

This sequel feels very sequel-ish.  In spite of the fact that this storyline is refreshingly different from that of the first Hotel Transylvania,  most of my feelings towards this movie are exactly the same as my feelings towards the first.  It feels like an extension of the same film, with a story that shows what would … Continue reading Hotel Transylvania 2 Review

Edward Scissorhands Review

Ah, now this is a movie for Halloween season.  It’s a classic tale of a man-made monster, and like most good monster stories, it shows us that the real monsters are always people.  Naturally, I was very excited about seeing this movie, and I had high hopes because it’s a Tim Burton film.  Burton was, … Continue reading Edward Scissorhands Review

Dr. Strangelove Review

For October, I decided I would review only scary movies, or at least films with monstrous or otherwise Halloween-related themes.  The problem is that I didn’t think of this until I’d already watched Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, a film that isn’t really about Dr. Strangelove, and that … Continue reading Dr. Strangelove Review