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Pretty Woman Review

Professors really like to tell their students stories about how things we mere millennials could never understand.  I remember an English professor at my first college (although I don’t remember which one) explaining that Pretty Woman was a very surprising and controversial movie upon its release – one might even say a “game-changer.”  The film … Continue reading Pretty Woman Review

Dick Tracy Review

In my experience, if a story and its characters are good enough, I can forgive many aspects of a film that seem lacking.  I can forgive the forgettable music scores and relentlessly bland visuals of most contemporary films so long as I’m invested in what the characters are trying to do.  For this reason, I’ve … Continue reading Dick Tracy Review

Home Alone Review

Let’s just pretend, hypothetically speaking, that everyone reading this has seen at least some amount of Home Alone during this holiday season.  Now let’s stop pretending.  It’s as much a reality as the fact that the Sun is bright.  This has always intrigued me, but it was not until days ago that I actually got to watch … Continue reading Home Alone Review

The Witches Review

Freaking Roald Dahl. This article could be focused on any of a few potential rants about this writer.  It is no secret that children’s authors always seem to end up being very . . . difficult people (for lack of a better term), and in a way, Dahl was to Henson what Travers was to Disney. … Continue reading The Witches Review

Edward Scissorhands Review

Ah, now this is a movie for Halloween season.  It’s a classic tale of a man-made monster, and like most good monster stories, it shows us that the real monsters are always people.  Naturally, I was very excited about seeing this movie, and I had high hopes because it’s a Tim Burton film.  Burton was, … Continue reading Edward Scissorhands Review

Back to the Future Part III Review

I love the Back to the Future series, and I recognize that this is the finale that brings everything to completion, but I think it is probably the weakest of the three.  Still, it’s a chance to see Doc and Marty on the screen again, and they are still as enjoyable as ever, so I … Continue reading Back to the Future Part III Review

Alice Review

I meant to review this shortly after I watched it, which was over a week ago.  Whoops. Anyway, it’s a nice film.  It has one of the best endings out of all of the Woody Allen movies I’ve watched so far.  It is arguably his take on Alice in Wonderland, and while there are some similarities, … Continue reading Alice Review