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Beauty and the Beast (2017) Review

SPOILER WARNING I initially had a great idea for how I would write this review.  I expected the film to be one of those “so bad it’s good” movies, which would have given me lots of comedic fodder, but even if it ended up not being a laughably bad film, I knew the chances of … Continue reading Beauty and the Beast (2017) Review

Gone with the Wind Review

This is perhaps the most wasteful film I have ever seen in my life. There is a tendency in film criticism to give the highest value and praise to films that show off the power of cinema – the epics that make the medium seem overpowering, thunderous, and majestic, even if the stories they tell … Continue reading Gone with the Wind Review

Raw Deal Review

SPOILER ALERT Unlike many of my fellow millennials, I have no reservations or concerns about watching films from Classical Hollywood, because I do not share in their fears that old movies are “too boring.”  My issue with classic cinema is that it can be uncomfortable recommending or showing older films to friends of mine without … Continue reading Raw Deal Review

Detour (1945) Review

This film is an absolute mess.  It looks as cheap as it is, constantly making it painfully obvious that the director’s been given less than $100,000 and less than a week to make a movie.  The script is all over the place, with a story that the biggest of fans of this film concede makes … Continue reading Detour (1945) Review

Alexander Nevsky Review

I haven’t reviewed many foreign films yet.  I know I’ve done my fair share of British movies, but Amelie and Passion have been my only reviews of films in foreign languages (to my memory).   I’m going to change this.  I expect to be bouncing around the globe for my next few reviews, and a good way to start a world tour … Continue reading Alexander Nevsky Review

The Witches Review

Freaking Roald Dahl. This article could be focused on any of a few potential rants about this writer.  It is no secret that children’s authors always seem to end up being very . . . difficult people (for lack of a better term), and in a way, Dahl was to Henson what Travers was to Disney. … Continue reading The Witches Review