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Dracula (1931) Review

This is a fun one, folks.  Scary?  On occasion, but it’s mostly just bizarre.  It’s just strange watching one of the first sound horror films because it’s difficult to tell how I’m supposed to react to each scene – I don’t know what’s supposed to be chilling, what’s supposed to be funny, and what’s supposed … Continue reading Dracula (1931) Review

Animal Crackers Review

UPDATE 2017-03-01: I wrote that this was the first Marx Brothers film, but it was not.  Excluding Humor Risk – a silent film that was previewed but never released and is now lost – their first film was The Cocoanuts. The films of the Marx Brothers are generally divided into about three different eras, and this film, being … Continue reading Animal Crackers Review

Girls in Uniform (1931) Review

Mädchen in Uniform is a 1931 sound film about a girl in a boarding school who finds herself falling in love with one of the women who teaches there (see image below).  This film is highly dramatic, and puts the audience in her shoes as she suffers greatly at the boarding school and (minor spoiler … Continue reading Girls in Uniform (1931) Review

Top Hat Review

This film was not what I expected it to be, and yet it was only what I expected it to be.  There are some dance numbers in here that are very nice and impressive, and that feel like what I would expect from this duo, but only one or two, and I had already seen … Continue reading Top Hat Review

City Lights Review

It’s often said that “film is a visual medium,” and I’m starting to think that, if cinema were a religion, this would be its most holy of dogmas.  One of the marks of someone who’s trying to create the sense that he/she is an expert on film is an insistence that the most impressive and … Continue reading City Lights Review

Gone with the Wind Review

This is perhaps the most wasteful film I have ever seen in my life. There is a tendency in film criticism to give the highest value and praise to films that show off the power of cinema – the epics that make the medium seem overpowering, thunderous, and majestic, even if the stories they tell … Continue reading Gone with the Wind Review

It Happened One Night Review

It’s an interesting sign of how times have changed to see that this was the “Best Picture” winner at the Oscars back in the mid-1930s.  This film would probably be dismissed today as a fairly average romantic comedy, but it actually was sort of novel at the time.  The notion of the “re-marriage comedy” as … Continue reading It Happened One Night Review