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Schindler’s List Review

Seeing as how I’m obviously in no position to write a review of this film, I’ll just comment on one aspect of the film that I believe ought to set an example for other filmmakers.  This movie is one of the few exceptions to the general rule that Spielberg specializes in a sentiment that J. … Continue reading Schindler’s List Review

Tootsie Review

Because I’m a film student, and because I have a particular fascination with comedy films, I am sometimes asked which movies make me laugh out loud.  As much as I enjoy laughing, I must confess that very few comedy films – even the greats – consistently succeed at getting a big belly laugh out of … Continue reading Tootsie Review

The Apartment Review

It’s amazing to me just how different someone’s conception of a film can be from what it actually turns out to be, especially because of marketing.  Consider the above image.  Fortunately, I don’t think I saw this front cover image before seeing the film, but if I had, I certainly would’ve gotten the wrong idea entirely. … Continue reading The Apartment Review

Silver Streak Review

This is an odd film. It marks the first pairing of Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor, although Pryor is absent for about the first two thirds of the movie.  Its plot is very strange, starting on a moving train, then moving to a rural setting, and then somehow moving back to the train, then back … Continue reading Silver Streak Review