Tumblr Movie Reviews

For one year, starting July 6th or 2015, I reviewed each movie that I watched for my first time, and now I’ve moved that review series over to my Wordpress site.

The Rocketeer Review

(MINOR SPOILERS) I really like Timothy Dalton.  I greatly enjoy watching Jennifer Connelly.  This movie was recommended to me by a friend, and I was pretty sure I would love it.  Unfortunately, the movie was largely dull and uninteresting for the first half.  The protagonist was a bore, and the antagonist was honestly more likable … Continue reading The Rocketeer Review

Avengers: Age of Ultron Review

First of all, everyone needs to see the first Avengers movie, preferably after seeingCaptain America and Iron Man.  Then, watch Avengers, and after that, Capt 2 and maybe a few of the others in between.  After that, you care about all the characters in Avengers: Age of Ultron.  That’s really all that matters with this movie. The movie … Continue reading Avengers: Age of Ultron Review

Ever After Review

Do you know how often I give a movie four and a half stars?  I’ve done over 50 movie reviews and I only gave such a rating to two of them … but today you can make that three.  To be honest, I probably should have given this rating to a couple other really good … Continue reading Ever After Review

Left Behind (2000) Review

Oh boy, here we go … For the most part, you can just take Kevin McCreary’s review and insert it here.  I would, however, like to address a few things myself, and I’ll start with the positives.  First of all, there are actually some really nice shots in this film that are theatrical enough to be … Continue reading Left Behind (2000) Review

Harvey Review

It’s been weeks since I watched Harvey.  I thought it was fitting to watch it on Easter, but then I never got around to reviewing it until now.  So I’ll just review it now, and hopefully I’ll remember most of it. Harvey, the third film in my unexplained series of reviews of movies that start with “Ha,” … Continue reading Harvey Review

Hamlet (1996) Review

Is there a way for a mere college kid, Who hardly can recall the time of day, To have the slightest clue of how to do A film review about a Shakespeare play? I once again must face that question now Of whether I should judge only the film, Or judge the work the film … Continue reading Hamlet (1996) Review

Harry Potter 8 Review

Let’s talk about Hermione. By that, of course, I mean let’s really overanalyze her character and make theoretical presumptions about her mindset without having read the books.  What, you don’t want to talk about Hermione?  You just want a review of the movie? No.  We’re talking about Hermione. I love this character.  Hey – I … Continue reading Harry Potter 8 Review