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Terminator Review

MINOR SPOILER ALERT Oh, how I love the ’80s.  The ’80s developed the styles of particular cult ’70s musicals into a New Expressionism – one that emphasized deep, vivid colors and bright lights flashing through dark, gray cities.  This mix of warm grays, cold blues, and hot reds spread across theatrical sets was complimented by … Continue reading Terminator Review

Romancing the Stone Review

I’m a little conflicted.  This movie is loaded with clichés.  I generally don’t like it when a film is very cliché, but this movie is different.  First of all, it’s from the early ’80s, so many of these things that seem cliche today may have been totally original at the time.  Secondly, the fact that … Continue reading Romancing the Stone Review

This Is Spinal Tap Review

I don’t review documentaries.  I just wouldn’t know how.  Generally speaking, the world of film production can be split into two career paths: documentary and narrative.  The difference is actually pretty big since it is the role of the narrative filmmaker to tell a cohesive narrative story with a plot, whereas the documentary filmmaker has … Continue reading This Is Spinal Tap Review