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Alien Review

For the purposes of this website, I try to watch a lot of movies.  Sometimes, after I’ve watched a bunch, it takes me time to get caught up on my reviews of movies I watched weeks prior, so my memory gets fuzzy.  Sometimes, after I’ve watched several movies, I can’t remember anything about the one … Continue reading Alien Review

Mad Max Review

What . . . the what?  I’m very confused about what on earth this movie is supposed to be.  The entire selling point of Mad Max – and the story synopsis on the back of the DVD case – is Max’s revenge plot.  But this plot is just the third act.  The entirety of acts one … Continue reading Mad Max Review

(Monty Python’s) Life of Brian Review

This film is not sacrilegious.  This film is not about Jesus.  It is about the importance of rationally thinking for oneself rather than just accepting what others say is true.  It mocks group think, pokes fun at activists, and challenges people to be critical thinkers, making it very much the skeptic’s film.  In fact, Pythoner … Continue reading (Monty Python’s) Life of Brian Review

Manhattan Review

Woody Allen has a remarkable ability to make me completely puzzled about what I think of, and how I feel about, his films.  I thought Hannah and Her Sisters was the most difficult film to sort out my thoughts about, but Manhattan is just about as difficult.  This is one of those situations in which I really … Continue reading Manhattan Review