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The Peanuts Movie Review

I am fairly certain that, in the world of comedy (if not the world in general), it is a sin for me to say that I have never been much of a Peanuts fan.  That’s not to say that I didn’t like the works of the Peanuts characters – I do enjoy their most famous … Continue reading The Peanuts Movie Review

Insurgent Review

SPOILER ALERT With a bad Italian accent a la The Amanda Show, say it with me: “This is better – much better!” As we all should know because I’m super important, I have my issues with Divergent.  This world and its people are entirely nonsensical, and I had such a hard time taking it all halfway seriously.  Fortunately, … Continue reading Insurgent Review

Star Wars – The Force Awakens Review

I love home video.  I absolutely adore it.  I get nostalgic about VHS tapes, I collect DVDs, I obsess over digital copies, and I drool at the majesty of a beautiful Blu-Ray on an HD screen.  I must emphasize this because I’m about to say something a wee bit unfavorable about home video: it may have ruined … Continue reading Star Wars – The Force Awakens Review

THG: Mockingjay – Part 2 Review

(MINOR SPOILERS) The last film in a franchise is nearly always the hardest film in the lot to make, and the hardest to watch.  It has the burden of being the “goodbye” that we know we won’t be satisfied with, but we won’t be satisfied without either.  Ultimately, we want a sense of completion, but … Continue reading THG: Mockingjay – Part 2 Review

Hotel Transylvania 2 Review

This sequel feels very sequel-ish.  In spite of the fact that this storyline is refreshingly different from that of the first Hotel Transylvania,  most of my feelings towards this movie are exactly the same as my feelings towards the first.  It feels like an extension of the same film, with a story that shows what would … Continue reading Hotel Transylvania 2 Review

Irrational Man Review

Alright, children, sit down and shut up – it’s story time. After watching Magic in the Moonlight, it occurred to me that Woody Allen (since he makes one new movie each year) would have a movie coming out soon for 2015 – if it wasn’t out already – and this would be one of my last … Continue reading Irrational Man Review

Paper Towns Review

Alright, I think it’s time for us to have “the talk.” As a proud cinema snob, this is tough for me to talk about openly, but we need to discuss the true implications of “the C word” – cliché.  We critics have always assumed that it’s a Cinema Sin for a story to be cliché … Continue reading Paper Towns Review