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The Land Before Time Review

It’s amazing to me that a multimillion-dollar franchise containing fourteen films began with a movie containing so little.  In its  69-minute runtime, it quickly runs through the “greatest hits” of family films for little kids: the parents die, the protagonist is told to follow his heart and just believe and all that crap, a scary conflict … Continue reading The Land Before Time Review

An American Tail Review

MINOR SPOILER WARNING Sometimes the union of two great artists makes for a film with twice the power of a regular film, whereas other times something just isn’t quite working.  We get a little bit of both here with An American Tail, which is a Don Bluth film that Steven Spielberg commissioned.  I haven’t done … Continue reading An American Tail Review

Anastasia Review

It’s not a documentary.  With this type of film, the old saying from Mystery Science Theater 3000 rings true: “Repeat to yourself, ‘It’s just a show; I should really just relax.’”  This is the kind of movie that will mean very, very different things to different people, since a historian would be disgusted, but an art … Continue reading Anastasia Review