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Midnight in Paris Review

MINOR SPOILER WARNING I’ve been trying to think of how to best write about this film to make clear exactly what kind of fantasy film it is, but I’m having a hard time explaining with words (or even examples) what I feel to be distinct dichotomies and spectra.  What I can say clearly is what Midnight … Continue reading Midnight in Paris Review

Harry Potter 8 Review

Let’s talk about Hermione. By that, of course, I mean let’s really overanalyze her character and make theoretical presumptions about her mindset without having read the books.  What, you don’t want to talk about Hermione?  You just want a review of the movie? No.  We’re talking about Hermione. I love this character.  Hey – I … Continue reading Harry Potter 8 Review

Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World Review

(MINOR SPOILERS) When I first saw the trailer for this movie years ago, I thought it was a remake or reboot of some sort.  I really couldn’t figure out how Spy Kids could be remade since it is so unique, or why it should be since I’ve always found it kind of stupid.  I think I … Continue reading Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World Review