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Guardians of the Galaxy: Upon Further Consideration…

NOTE: This is an amendment to a previous review of the same film. When I first reviewed this movie, I don’t think I gave it nearly enough credit for how important it is as a film.  In a way, it may be the most important film of 2014. One reason I feel this way is … Continue reading Guardians of the Galaxy: Upon Further Consideration…

Selma Review

I cannot relieve that I’m reviewing this movie right now.  I just don’t feel qualified to comment on it.  Since I still review most of the films I watch, if only so I can keep practicing my writing and keep fine-tuning my cinematic eye, I still feel uncomfortable expressing my opinions about it.  I’m no … Continue reading Selma Review

Birdman Review

I need to start with a spoiler warning since I don’t want to hold myself back from writing about whatever I find is most worth writing about, and this film has many interesting elements that I could focus on for much of the review if I chose to do so: it has a unique, seamless editing … Continue reading Birdman Review

Divergent Review

MINOR SPOILERS                 It is easy for me to see why critics hated this film: it seems to ride on the success of other films in its genre without supplying sufficient creativity to rise above its clichés.  To make matters worse, I could write a 20-page paper on the baffling inanity of the structure of … Continue reading Divergent Review

Magic in the Moonlight Review

How does one make an audience root for a pompous, cynical, pessimistic, insulting, egotistical intellectual?  Simple: ensure that the audience is specifically J. D. Hansel. I have a theory about Rotten Tomatoes.  Because of the accessibility of several reviews from different critics all in one place, we have a tendency to adjust our opinions of movies … Continue reading Magic in the Moonlight Review

Into the Woods Review

What do you call a movie that feels much longer than it really is, and yet stays very interesting throughout?  You call it Disney’s Into the Woods.  (About two thirds of the way through the film, my friend joked that they must still be making it and sending footage to the theater as they go along, … Continue reading Into the Woods Review

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Review

I’ll try to keep this review simple and spoiler-free. It’s funny how I’d give Cap 2 about the same rating as Guardians of the Galaxy, but for completely different reasons.  Basically, Guardians worked because it was silly and fun, and it knew how to handle that.  Cap 2 worked because it was dramatic and mysterious, and it knew … Continue reading Captain America: The Winter Soldier Review