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The Nutty Professor Review

Wait a minute – isn’t this movie supposed to be … ya know, funny?  It’s amazing how, with one look at the DVD case, anyone would think this film surely was one of the worst ever made, yet a look online would reveal how highly regarded it is as one of the great comedies.  While … Continue reading The Nutty Professor Review

The Birds Review

With High Anxiety being my favorite Mel Brooks film, one would expect that I would be well-versed in the works of Alfred Hitchcock.  Quite contrarily, after watching Strangers on a Train for a film history class I took a few years ago, I was turned off by Hitchcock.  I felt like whenever he was trying to have … Continue reading The Birds Review

It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World Review

Given my immense appreciation for comedy, I cannot help but appreciate an ode to comedy.  Comedy can be such a powerful force for good, making the burdens of life more bearable, and bringing important issues to light in a way that people can easily handle.  The beauty of comedy is that, even at its filthiest, … Continue reading It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World Review