As a writer, my focus is primarily on screenwriting.  I wrote the screenplay for the short film Brushstrokes, and the screenplay won an award at my college.  My second screenplay, while never produced, is one that I am more proud of, and I offer it here as a writing sample.  It loosely parodies the 2013 film Her, and is meant to be an easy screenplay for a group of college students to produce as a short film.

Additionally, I write essays and articles, which have appeared in various places on the web, and many can be found in the articles section on MuppetHub.com.  The blog page on this website also features some of my writing.

In high school I wrote a number of works that were published in the school’s different publications, and this essay on how to write an essay is one that can be help for students and comical for everyone else.

I would also highly recommend reading some of my Movie Reviews.  Some of my favorite reviews are those of Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesSilver Linings PlaybookBabes on Broadway, Carrie, and God’s Not Dead.