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Midnight in Paris Review

MINOR SPOILER WARNING I’ve been trying to think of how to best write about this film to make clear exactly what kind of fantasy film it is, but I’m having a hard time explaining with words (or even examples) what I feel to be distinct dichotomies and spectra.  What I can say clearly is what Midnight … Continue reading Midnight in Paris Review

Love and Death Review

I don’t think there’s anything about this film that amazed or surprised me.  I’m not even sure it really impressed me.  I don’t think I have much praise for this movie that I haven’t given to other Woody Allen movies, and I’m not sure that it really  stands out among his other works.  So why … Continue reading Love and Death Review

Antz Review

Why the heck do we keep making movies about creatures as unlikable as ants?  Currently, my house has been suffering from an extremely severe ant infestation takeover, and it makes me hate, hate, hate them.  With that in mind, I’m naturally not inclined to get invested in a movie about an ant inventor who mistake … Continue reading Antz Review

Irrational Man Review

Alright, children, sit down and shut up – it’s story time. After watching Magic in the Moonlight, it occurred to me that Woody Allen (since he makes one new movie each year) would have a movie coming out soon for 2015 – if it wasn’t out already – and this would be one of my last … Continue reading Irrational Man Review

Magic in the Moonlight Review

How does one make an audience root for a pompous, cynical, pessimistic, insulting, egotistical intellectual?  Simple: ensure that the audience is specifically J. D. Hansel. I have a theory about Rotten Tomatoes.  Because of the accessibility of several reviews from different critics all in one place, we have a tendency to adjust our opinions of movies … Continue reading Magic in the Moonlight Review

Alice Review

I meant to review this shortly after I watched it, which was over a week ago.  Whoops. Anyway, it’s a nice film.  It has one of the best endings out of all of the Woody Allen movies I’ve watched so far.  It is arguably his take on Alice in Wonderland, and while there are some similarities, … Continue reading Alice Review

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex Review

(NOTE: First of all, I’m sorry for all the reviews of Woody Allen movies in a row, but when I found out they’d be booted off of Netflix on January 1st, I decided to watch a few while I still had the time.  Secondly, since my review of The Graduate, you may have noticed that … Continue reading Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex Review