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Murder, My Sweet Review

There’s a lot to like about this movie – the characters, the dialogue, the visuals, and many of the scenes.  A lot of the story, from what I can tell, is good too … but I can’t tell.  And therein lies the problem. Film noirs (or “films noir” for more proper writers than I) are … Continue reading Murder, My Sweet Review

Laura Review

MINOR SPOILER WARNING While the exact list of what constitutes a “film noir” is always up for debate, I argue that one of the most under-recognized criteria is that weird and seemingly random moment that has the audience asking, “Where the heck did that come from?”  This film clearly checks that box. Structurally, Laura is not too unconventional, … Continue reading Laura Review

Double Indemnity Review

MINOR SPOILER ALERT Before watching this film, I was informed by a reliable source that this is the “perfect film noir,” and its screenplay by Raymond Chandler and cinema god Billy Wilder is commonly regarded as holy.  Perhaps it was because of the hype that I did not find the film absolutely perfect, but I have … Continue reading Double Indemnity Review