JD’s Favorite Movies – May, 2017

Every Geek Day, I post a list of my favorite movies.  This time, I’m doing something different.

I’ve been having a hard time trying to figure out how to best rank films that I remember really enjoying, but I haven’t seen recently enough to have an accurate opinion.  Films like The Parent Trap (1961), Doctor Who: The Movie, Woody Allen’s ScoopBack to the Beach, and Strike up the Band all seemed like obvious choices for my list at one point in my life, but it’s been too long since I’ve seen them for me to know how to rate them.

So, while I’m working on re-watching a bunch of my old favorites, here’s a list of my top 25 favorites of all the films I’ve watched (whether for my first time or the millionth time) just within the past year, with links to my reviews of the films.

25. A Clockwork Orange

24. Dick Tracy

23. Amelie

22. The Goonies

21. To Be or Not to Be (1942)

20. Masters of the Universe

19. Aladdin

18. Beauty and the Beast (1991)

17. The LEGO Batman Movie

16. Metropolis

15. Love and Death

14. La La Land

13. Paths of Glory

12. Scrooged

11. Network

10. What About Bob?

9. Bowfinger

8. Annie (1982)

7. Carrie (1976)

6. Heathers

5. The Graduate

4. The Naked Gun

3. Singin’ in the Rain

2. Duck Soup

1. Phantom of the Paradise

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