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Some articles, essays, and columns I’ve been writing that I have no better place to put. Sort of like a blog, but slightly more professional.

A Year of Tumblr Movie Reviews

One year ago today, I finally decided to accept my own challenge.  After having finished film history course that required me to write movie reviews, I was looking for a good outlet for my thoughts on movies, and for a good place on social media to rate them.  I was bothered by the lack of … Continue reading A Year of Tumblr Movie Reviews

The Commenting Editor Technique

While a film is by no means the sum of its parts, it is probably safe to say that a film is the edited union of its parts. The editing can determine the nature or genre of a film, the film’s pace, an actor’s performance, the order of the story, and much more. The editor … Continue reading The Commenting Editor Technique

JD’s Favorite Movies – May, 2015

I decided that, since it’s Geek Pride Day and I’m a movie geek, I’d share my all time favorite movies. Please note that this list changes by the minute, and each of these might be about 15 spaces off from where it ought to be. Still, if you haven’t seen any of the movies in … Continue reading JD’s Favorite Movies – May, 2015

Campfire Art

Upon reading the critically acclaimed short story “Sleep-over” by Bonnie Jo Campbell, I started pondering the duality between the concrete and the amorphous that seems to tear apart the enthusiasts of artistic works.  This story, like much of the amorphous literature that appears in many textbooks and highbrow publications, lightly touches on the elements that … Continue reading Campfire Art

The Eidome Theory

This is a sequel of sorts to my theory of Functional Illusions.  I wanted to expound on the topic because I think we start asking some big and important questions when we wonder about what things around us may be Functional Illusions.  The biggest and most important of these questions is: “Is God a Functional … Continue reading The Eidome Theory

My Theory of Functional Illusions

About a year ago, I coined a term called “Functional Illusions.”  A Functional Illusion is an understood lie that the people of a certain culture generally accept or allow because it serves a purpose that the culture sees as important.  A simple example is a mirror, although this is a very weak Functional Illusion (as I explain in the … Continue reading My Theory of Functional Illusions

How to Write a PIXAR Movie in 10 Easy Steps

 Make the audience terribly sad.  The easy way to do this is to take two seconds to establish a character, and then kill ’em.  Even if you have to play the same two bars of sad music on the piano over and over for an eternity, you must force the audience to cry.  Find something that … Continue reading How to Write a PIXAR Movie in 10 Easy Steps